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Husk knows how to 'country' and 'rock' and keeps the dance floor full. Every song is a familiar hit and the variety is non-stop.

anything & everything country




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'acoustic versions of your favorite 70's hits'

Country & Rock

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From Western swing, to classic country, to the hits of the 80's & 90's, including a few new country favorites...expect to hear 'anything & everything country'.

Honky-Tonk Cowboys

Mike Brons

Fri.    Sept.   1     JoCo Sportsman Club (private event)

Sun.  Sept.   3     HUSK @ Galice Resort    5-9pm

Tues. Sept.   5    Wild River  Pub                 6-9pm

Sat.    Sept    9    Speakeasy                         8-11pm

Tues. Sept. 12    Wild River  Pub                 6-9pm

Sat.    Sept. 16    Laughing Clam                  6-9pm

* Will list all Fall Dates (Sept-Dec.) in mid-August


hits of the 70's and beyond

AM70 plays upbeat, dance hits of the 70's, as well as songs from the 80's & 90's for a great mix of rock hits.

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Summer Dates


Sat.      June    3  Speakeasy                          8-11pm

Sun.     June   4   HUSK @ Galice Resort      4-8pm 

Tues    June    6  Wild River Pub                    6-9pm

Fri.       June   9   HUSK @ Laughing Clam    7-10pm 

Sun.     June  11  HUSK @ Galice Resort      4-8pm

Tues.   June  13  Wild River Pub                    6-9pm

Sun.     June 18  Galice Resort (Father's Day)  10a-2p

Tues.   June  20  Wild River Pub                    6-9pm

Fri.       June 23  Speakeasy                           8-11pm

Tues.   June  27  Wild River Pub                    6-9pm


Sun.     July     2   HUSK @ Galice Resort      5-9pm

Tues.   July     4   Wild River  Pub                   6-9pm

Sat.      July     8   Laughing Clam                   6-9pm

Tues.   July    11  Wild River  Pub                   6-9pm

Fri.       July   14  Speakeasy                           8-11pm

Tues.   July   18   Wild River  Pub                   6-9pm

Thurs. July    20  HUSK @ Merlin/Parks          TBA

Sat.      July   22   Kriselle Cellars

Tues.   July   25   Wild River  Pub                   6-9pm

Sat.      July   29  Speakeasy                           8-11pm


Tues.   Aug.     1  Wild River  Pub                   6-9pm

Tues.   Aug.     8  Wild River  Pub                   6-9pm

Fri.       Aug.   11  HUSK @ Rogue Valley Country Club

Sat.      Aug.  12  Speakeasy                            8-11pm

Sun      Aug.  13   AM70 @ Del Rio Vineyard

Tues.   Aug.  15   Wild River  Pub                   6-9pm

Wed.    Aug.  16  JoCo County Fair
Thurs.  Aug.  17  JoCo County Fair
Fri.       Aug.  18   JoCo County Fair
Sat.      Aug.  19   JoCo County Fair

Tues.   Aug.   22   Wild River  Pub                  6-9pm

Fri.       Aug.  25   HUSK @ Galice Resort      6-10pm

Tues.   Aug.   29   Wild River  Pub                  6-9pm

Tues.   Aug.   22   Wild River  Pub                  6-9pm

Wed.    Aug.  30   AM70 @ Rogue Valley Country Club


As a soloist, I accompany myself on the guitar and am known for singing "acoustic versions of your favorite 70's hits".