This Month


Tues    May     1   Wild River  Pub                      6-9pm
Fri       May     4  
Glass Forge (1st Fri.)                    6-9pm

Sun.    May     6   Galice Resort                         3-6pm

Tues    May     8   Wild River  Pub                      6-9pm

Sat      May    12   Laughing Clam                      6-9pm

Sun     May    13   Galice/Mother's Day            10a-2p
Tues    May   15   Wild River  Pub                      6-9pm

Sat.      May   19   FM79@G Street               8p-Mid

Tues    May   22   Wild River  Pub                      6-9pm

Tues    May   29   Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Summer Dates


Tues    June   5   Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Sat      June    9   HUSK@Wooldridge       noon-4p 

Tues    June 12   Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Sun     June  17   Galice/Father's Day             10a-2p

Tues    June 19   Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Fri       June  22  Speakeasy                             8-11pm

Tues    June 26   Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Sat      June  30   private party: Club NW         4-6pm


Tues    July     3   Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Tues    July   10   Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Fri       July    13   Kriselle Cellars                     5-7pm

Sat      July    14   Laughing Clam                      6-9pm

Tues    July   17   Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Sat       July   21  FM79@Bella Union         8-11pm

Sun     July    22  FM79@Del Rio                  3-5pm

Tues    July   24   Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Tues    July   31   Wild River Pub                       6-9pm


Fri       Aug      3  HUSK@Central Point/Park (TBA)

Tues    Aug      7  Wild River Pub                       6-9pm
Thurs  Aug      9  Kriselle Cellars                      5-7pm

Fri       Aug    10  Speakeasy                             8-11pm

Wed    Aug    15  JoCo Fair                               5-7pm

Thurs  Aug    16  JoCo Fair                                5-7pm

Fri       Aug    17  JoCo Fair                                5-7pm

Sat      Aug    18  JoCo Fair                                 5-7pm

Tues    Aug    21  Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Tues    Aug    28  Wild River Pub                       6-9pm

Fri       Aug    31  private party:JoCo Sports.   6-9pm


"Fill-In' on Bass & Drums

I also play bass guitar and drums. If any band out there ever needs someone to 'fill-in' at a gig, let me know!

And, I give guitar, bass and drum lessons. If interested, use the contact info at the top of the page to get a hold of me.

Turn West

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'People Said'
Quotes from venues who have hired myself or one of the bands.


Recent Set-Lists for each of the 3-bands

'2018 Calendar'

Complete listing of dates for 2018


                                         Venues & Events I've Played At 

Wineries                        Resort / Country Club                    Community Events                              Restaurants 

Belle Fiore Winery                   Emerald Valley Golf Club                                          Josephine County Fair                                                     Bella Union                               

Daisy Creek Vineyard                 Galice Resort                                                              City of Central Point                                            Hannah's Restaurant

Del Rio Vineyard                           Grants Pass Golf Club                                               - "4th of July Freedom Festival"                                     Laughing Clam

Eden Valley Winery                      Rogue Valley Country Club                                       - "Concerts in the Park"                                                  Rivers Edge 

Kriselle Cellars                                                                                             Merlin / "Concerts in the Park                               Roux 26

Troon Vineyard                                                                                            City of Rogue River                                                           Taprock Northwest Grill

Wooldridge Creek Winery                                                                               -"Rooster Crow Weekend"                                             Taylor's Country Store

                                                                                                  "Brews & Boots"Event  (@ Wild River Pub)                    The Point

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Vine                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Wild River Brewing & Pizza

Wine Bar / Bistr       Bar & Grill / Brewery      Clubs/Bars          Private Parties                     

Blondies' Bistro                                   Avalon Bar & Grill                                      Cattleman's Saloon              (too many to list)                        

DeJa vu Bistro                                      Buckboard Grill                                         Cedarwood Saloon                                         

Enoteca Wine Tasting & Bistro        Griess Family Brews                                Double 'R' Pub                             

Speakwasy Tap Room                       The 'G' Spot Bar & Grill                             Homestead Lounge             Weddings                                            

The Twisted Cork                                Wild River Pub                                            J.D.s Sports Pub              (too many to list)              

                                                                                                      Rocky-Tonk Saloon                   


Clubs/Health Clubs      Art Exhibit/Art Walks       Business Events         Retirement Communities           

JoCo Sportsman Association         Bella Framing & Art                                   Valerian Homes                                    Countryside Village                                    

 The Spa at Club Northwest             The Glass Forge                                                                                                           The Bridge                                                                                                                                        The Guild Building                                                                   

FM79 plays upbeat songs of the 70's, 80's and 90s' for a great mix of rock hits.

  • Peaceful Easy Feeling3:15

anything & everything country


The Bands

   How many members are in each band?

   There are 6 members, but each can be 'down-sized'  to as few as 3.

    What instruments are in the bands?

   A 'full band' has saxophone, fiddle, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.

'acoustic versions of your favorite hits'

Country & Rock

From Classic Country and Western Swing, to the hits of the 70's, 80's and 90's, expect to hear 'anything & everything country' from Turn West.


  • Who's Crying Now3:46

Quick Solo/Band Overview

  • Everything I Own3:02

Husk knows how to 'country' and 'rock' in a way that keeps the dance floor full. Every song is a familiar hit and the variety is non-stop.

Mike Brons

Welcome to Mike Brons Music.

I perform every week throughout Southern Oregon and am privileged to be associated with some of the finest resorts, wineries, restaurants and events in our area. This site provides information about both my solo and bands dates.

For additional information, I can be reached at...


Solo songs

As a soloist, I accompany myself on the guitar and play a mix of soft rock hits from the 70's,80's and 90's.